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Why We Started Givet Krisando?

We wanted to create a brand which brings in really unique, out-of-the-world and affordable runway-worthy designs to all women.

Besides your staple everyday wear, maybe you want something special, that one piece that represents the real you and stand out from the rest? That is where we came in to introduce our special set of collection which caters to the wild fantasies of yours.

The reasons why we put in so much effort in producing timeless or trend-proof works are:

  • We want to encourage boldness and willingness to try even if the world judges you.
  • Giving both our designers and the consumers freedom to express themselves.

When We Started?

We started in July 2019 and subsequently took a break during early 2020 before bouncing back at August 2020. There are 2 reasons why we took a break in between, they are:

  • The coronavirus pandemic hit us very hard, in terms of sales, manpower and logistics, all faced issues which forces us to stop operating until the situation has improved a little and we are able to gather the neccessary resources.
  • We made a few big mistakes when we started, and those mistakes are potentially fatal to our brand's direction and we could have steer wrong course if we carry on. So therefore, we would like to stop ourselves from operating to collect our thoughts and revisit our brand's business concept, vision and where we stand as a fashion brand.

How Did We Start?

It was started by our founder, Yu Pei, a regular Joe working in the corporate world. He didn't have interest initially starting a fashion brand or business nor does he have formal education in fashion. However, he likes to recommend his female friends clothings and different styles and had a few valuable networks in the fashion industry. It was during through a conversation with his fashion-industry friends that he had a plan on starting a fashion brand and doing something unique and really special. He assemble a small team which consists of him and his fashion-industry close friends and from there, Givet Krisando began her journey.

Where Are We Located?

We are located in two areas, one admin office in Singapore and our factories cum warehouses are all located in China.