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Our idea of slow fashion is that focus is not on mass production in a short period of time, not on how much quantiy can we produce and also not on how many times can we mass produce in a year but rather, the clothing brand itself focus on the curation of quality content, sourcing of quality materials, sketching detailed and innovative designs, and stringent manufacturing to the end product.

There is another term which you can call it 'Timeless Fashion'. Most brands who does slow fashion tends to create masterpieces which style can last for few years to many years to go. The trends are not our focus but rather a reference to build on our designs. We do our research, trial and error, and we gather feedback to continuously improve. We also focus on our own originality with amazing innovative works as we believe the sky's the limit and the norm will only limit our sky.

We sum up here of what we think are the pros and cons of slow fashion to us.


  • Using the extra time lead to produce even more quality works
  • Less stress over what is trending everyday
  • Less manhours
  • More breaks and spread out workload
  • More freedom to express our creativity at our own pace
  • Company has more work-life balance
  • Everyone is happier


  • Its a test of patience to see quality works
  • When sales are slow, the days are really really slow
  • End product will be more expensive as it values the handcraft of designers and sewers, the quality materials and the manhours spent by all the staffs involved

For consumers and/or the environment as a whole, there are also several key points we would like to highlight as well.

  • Although end products are more on expensive end,┬áthe hefty price tag more or less will influence consumers to take more extra care on those products, leading to longevity of these products
  • Products increased longevity will lead to less wastage
  • When we don't rush and mass produce, we conserve Earth's precious materials
  • By not engaging in "speed & mass profit" business idealogy, we can drastically reduce our carbon footprints
  • So all of the above points will lead to a positive sustainable cycle which we call it 'Sustainable Fashion'