Hi welcome to Stellan Yu's blogsite!

My actual name is Yu Pei and i live on a small sunny island country called Singapore. You must have wondered how i derived to naming my blogsite as Stellan Yu right? No worries, i will break it down for you. The word "Stellan" is actually a Swedish boy surname which represents someone with a calm personality like me and "Yu" is the initial word for my first name, in chinese, it is called "育", and the meaning of this word in my name is to nurture, it was named by a fortune teller.

This blogsite does not have a specific niche like food blog, finance blog etc, but instead, is a more general diversified personal lifestyle blog site. The directions i gave to this website is to write about my hobbies and generally what i like to do, my personal thoughts and maybe in the future this blogsite can be my personal branding so who knows?

Life is all about discovering more about yourself and unlocking countless opportunities to do different things; know different people; go to various places; acquire abundance of knowledge; and more. Though i am not perfect and will never be but i hope i make full use of the positive and good side of me to motivate and encourage anyone who come across this website to be your true self; be kind; and live life to the fullest on your own terms.