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We have a fantastic group of designers who work together to perform their magic on the clothes designs that we have, and now for this GK Collector Series, each of our own designer will be working on their own style.

This idea was brought about during one of our team meetings and at first, we were uncertain on this as it may create unfriendly competition, then our designers raised a good point that aside from working together for the rest of our clothes, they also wanted some personal freedom to truly express themselves. It was also agreed that this will be another great opportunity to learn from one another.

Each sub-section of this series' dropdown menu represents an individual designer's work, it includes variety of wear suitable for formal events, functions, casual, and for work.

This series will have more sizing options compared to our 'Classics' which is more inclined to single sizing, and the ideas we put into this series are little more conservative but creativity and elegance is still there.