YP Music Corner

YP Song Cover - Chasing Cars

July 10, 2021
I am singing in key of A# and if you are using chords based on key of A like what i did, you can follow exactly how i played (with/without capo), from the note plucking for the intro and all the ve...
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YP Song Cover - 爱很简单

June 27, 2021
1997 is the year where one of the pioneers in Chinese R&B, 陶喆 (David Tao), released his album "David Tao 同名专辑" and one of the most romantic chinese song i have ever heard, which is in this albu...
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YP Song Cover - 情非得已

June 03, 2021
This song was used in my band practice for busking audition and i'm very thankful for one of my bandmates re-arranging the song. The song is in its original key of C which is the key i'm using for ...
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