YP Song Cover - Yesterday Once More

The Carpenters' best selling single, "Yesterday Once More", was released during mid-year of 1973 and it was stated by Richard Carpenter that this was his favourite out of all the songs he had written.

The vibe that this song gave was like missing and remembering the good old days, especially sentences like "When i was young i listen to the radio", "Those were such happy times and not so long ago", the lyrics were mainly talking the good things happened in the past and wishing it could continue now and then.

I would strongly recommend to pick this song, especially if you are performing for older folks, it will sure stir some good memories, it never gets old with majority of the generation of people who had listen to this song when it first came out. I was thinking maybe there will be a 21st century version of "Yesterday Once More" coming in the future where we, one day become old, can listen to it and remember the good old days.

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