YP Song Cover - There You'll Be

Remember "Pearl Harbor" the movie, which came out in 2001, that famous theme song is this song "There You'll Be" sang by Faith Hill. The movie tells the story of a real life war event taken place in Second World War period where the Americans were attacked by Japanese forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and don't worry about spoilers because i won't go further about the plot as the theme song is the main purpose here.

The song talks about after losing someone you love, the person will still always be a part of you. The lyrics also stirred memories of the past, where he/she had shown you many good things in life but now he/she had passed on, you will always keep this person dear in your heart, wherever you may be.

Hard to sing this song because not just the stretch of vocal limit but also some words will make my nose sour and eyes watery, making it difficult to control and sing on. Everyone in life will face losing someone and the melodies, combined with the lyrics, really strike hard into my heart, it stirs memories that is too painful to remember. Nonetheless, i managed to complete the acoustic cover of this song after 35 takes, so enjoy and grab a box of tissue box too!

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