YP Song Cover - 告白气球

This Pop and R&B inspired song from Jay Chou was a very catchy song when it first came out in June 2016. Initially, i wasn't a fan of any Jay Chou's songs but his songs was really popular among many from the time he joined the showbiz. Often i was left out of conversation because of that but it doesn't matter as i will still remain faithful to the artists and the songs i truly admired.

I was really into ballads, power ballads, soft rock, certain pop, rock etc and my favourite artists were mostly from the 80s 90s and a few early 2000s but to think that today i will try cover this song, i think it's a really big change of perspective on how i pick my songs. I felt the need to diversify as i started performing outside a few years ago. Realizing many people still actively listen to mainstream pop and latest songs from mainstream popular artists, i decided to go out of my comfort zone and learn at least a handful of those songs.

Most importantly, i want to be more versatile as new songs means new vocal and guitar techniques to learn which could improve my overall musicianship or as a performer in future if i have the chance after Covid-19 subside.

For the guitar solos, i would say your pinky's gonna hurt if you hadn't train it before, and it will test your dexterity in your ring finger too. Give this song 《周杰伦 - 告白气球》 a listen as many times as you need because once you get familiarize with the rhythm, you will find it easier to play out the solos.

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