Olive Oil Chicken Rice

This particular chicken rice outlet sells one of the most healthy chicken rice in Singapore. Its located in a quite a dull shopping centre called High Street Centre, inside there is hardly any stores you may find interesting, total two storeys and a basement, four eateries outlets. When I go there, i will just head to the economic rice at 2nd floor to buy food and nothing else i can do there as it is quite quiet and boring but i went past this particular chicken rice store, was curious but uninterested at first. Then my sixth sense tells me that this may be the hidden gem and will contribute to my unique post so one fine day, i decided to give it a try.

On their menu, they have two main dishes plus drinks and some seasonal sets which depends on which day you drop in. Their two mains are their original white chicken rice at $5 and the other is soya chicken rice at $5.80. The soya egg was top-up separately at $0.70.

Then i was amazed by their humble and friendly welcome, the store was managed by the boss and his mum whom i believed is in her 70s but looking at early 60s very active. The boss will work inside the kitchen and out serving customers to manage payments, his mum will be outside handling the chicken, managing customers and payments as well and she really reminds me of my late grandma. So the boss asked me if it was my first visit to his outlet, i nodded, and he further explain that his chicken rice is very unique and much less seen in Singapore or maybe they are the only one in SG, so he explained the following:

  • The chicken rice was cooked in natural olive oil, freshly boiled vegetables broth, minced garlic, onion, ginger, pandan leaves and lemon grass which makes it a much healthier choice
  • Expect green and healthy as it will be packed with lettuce, cucumber, pickles and cherry tomatoes
  • Unique chilli sauce made with Heinz apple cidar vinegar instead of garlic chilli
  • No MSG, preservatives, colourings or flavourings and its fresh halal
  • Their soya chicken and steam chicken are cooked under long hours with their unique way of doing it until the meat is tender and the skin is smooth

Once the chicken rice was served to my seat, i took some photos of the neatly presented chicken rice and already i am feeling hyped and hungry at this unique chicken rice which the boss had explained the details before i order. Indeed, it taste really delicious!!! The olive oil really bring out additional flavour compared to traditional chicken rice, although olive oil originally has a slight bitter and fruity taste, it mixed well with the strong flavoured garlic to give the rice a very pungent smell and smooth texture.

The chicken meat is very tender and one bite, there is a whole lot of spices coming in and my brain just process everything as "Very Nice, Yummy!"😂 The herbs and soya was mixed very well for the chicken and with the chilli, i must say this is another level of awesomeness! And completing this healthy chicken rice set with soya egg, healthy leafy veggies and vegetable chicken soup.

In conclusion, this uniquely delicious chicken rice, cooked in olive oil, is packed with incredible amount of nutrients that our body needs. Most importantly, it does not leave an aftertaste that make your breath stink with garlic. So dont worry about any garlic breath, just mix it in with the rice and meat and enjoy your meal👍😊


1 North Bridge Road, #01-K2, High Street Centre  Singapore 179094

Operation Times

  • Monday: 11.30am-4pm
  • Tuesday: 11.30am-4pm
  • Wednesday: 11.30am-4pm
  • Thursday: 11.30am-4pm
  • Friday: 11.30am-4pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed
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