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Quote of the day (4 Aug 2021) - Art

August 04, 2021
Our unique character, our unique words, actions and flaws paint a very unique art of our own life, and no one can have the exact same artpiece as you so there is no need of an eraser or timestone o...
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Quote of the day (25 July 2021) - Jealousy

July 25, 2021
What if too much envy turn into jealousy? Anyone you see who is better than you, you in turn want to best them, overtake them because the jealous side of you tells you not to be weak and be better ...
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Quote of the day (3 June 2021) - Walk

June 03, 2021
Have you ever ask a snail where does its patience and motivation to live come from? Can you imagine whatever you do is like the speed of slow-crawling snail, will you still have the will to live on?
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