My Personal Journey With Shopify Dropshipping (Part 2)

Now let's continue from part 1 because i felt that the story was too long, and if i had squeezed everything in one post instead of breaking into two-part series, i'm afraid i would bore you till you close your eyes and count how many stars in the milky way, and so the story continues...⬇️⬇️⬇️

Again, i continued studying the websites and social media of those successful dropshipping business, and i also took time to brush up my skills in graphic editing using canva app by looking through tutorials and guides. I also bought a pictionary for women's clothing to understand more on the terms, materials and sizing more. After a few months break, i decided to launch a final attempt before calling quits if i failed again.

This time i decided to select a niche in women's clothing, clothes with unique geometric lines and shapes and also aestatically fitting for runways. This time i found a supplier who fit my needs, her clothing designs were out of the world, she had quite a lot of positive reviews, her premium shipping price was reasonable, she allows custom labelling and packaging, there was little to no other dropshippers selling her products (less competition) and most importantly, she was a great communicator, voilá!

Brushing my graphic skills was the most important thing so that my ads will capture, my social media posts will attract and my website will pull in potential customers. I spent months practicing using canva and if works, i don't need to hire shopify experts to help me do all the ads, social media and marketing stuffs, i also ask my female friends to give me some advice on women's apparel so i can gauge what's like from the customers' point of view. With that, i decided to depend on myself again and start my third shopify store.

The third attempt looked promising as my website's traffic increased, my social media and influencer marketing had garnerned more interactions. I had burned midnight oil many times to curate contents and generate quality graphic works so i could have something to update on my website and social media regularly. I juggled my dropshipping business with my primary corporate day job, along with my passion in music, hobbies and social activities.

Eight months into my third attempt, i felt great with the amount of interactions from local and overseas, mainly europe region but my sales report was still looking pretty empty despite all the buzz. Then pandemic struck, i lost my primary job and depended on my rainy day savings to tide through currently the worst natural disaster humankind had faced in the 21st century.

As i approached one year anniversary of my third dropshipping store, i was still jobless with no means of primary secure income as my dropship store still struggled with converting sales...I also struggled to find time to nurture my passion in music and other hobbies. I found it important because i truly enjoy my time when i engaged in those activities but dropshipping...i was only motivated because of potential money which wasn't really making me sort of happy. During social activities, i would constantly check my phone for things related to my dropshipping business. I was tired, i had sacrificed much of my freetime and some sleep on those work which i am not truly passionate about except for the greed of extra income.

On May 2021, i officially closed my dropship store and all the social media related to it and call it quits in seeking alternate income via dropshipping. It was a long 2-year journey but i learned a lot, the knowledge on women's apparel, graphic editing, content writing and time management. I knew i would not be happy in the end even if i succeed in dropshipping, it wasn't my calling and i want to spend more time on my passion and hobbies even they were not generating income, and most importantly, spent more time securing my primary day job so that i could worry less about bills and daily expenses.

I knew i had a very strong personal finance management and i do invest, so i really do not need to worry about a second income at the moment, just focus on my primary day job, my passion, my hobbies, spend time with my friends and family, take good care of my physical and mental health, and that's all it matters. If i do get a job promotion or any of my passion/hobby turned into alternate income, i would be damm proud of myself but for now i would just plan for the future, focus on the present and hope for the best.

My journey of dropshipping was a life changing event, it made me realized that it was great to have alternate source of income but if i didn't have any passion or intimate interest in it, it would not made me happy. What i'm trying to say was do not blindly chase after money, focus on yourself first, work on the skills you already have and spent more time with your loved ones.

If you were able to generate multiple source of income, that's great! However, if you done it at the expense of not spending enough time with your loved ones, your true passion and your health, no matter how much money you made, how many stream of incomes you generate, you can't buy back the time you had lost, you can't buy back your once good health. Just do what you love, spent more time with those matters to you, including taking care of yourself, and don't be easily lured by your own greed, then if you can generate multiple source of income, then it's great, if not, it's alright.

I could tell you after dropping dropshipping, i had more sleep, more time for myself and those who matters to me, more time and energy for my passion and hobbies, though i'm now back to one stream of income from my primary job, i felt more happier and lively because whatever i'm doing is for the sake of myself and not purely on money and greed. So i urge people to think twice before starting a side hustle like dropshipping to generate income, think about how it will affect your personal life, your happiness etc. With that, i conclude my long long tale and wish you all the best!

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