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Ordinary human being trying to achieve extraordinary, sharing about me as a person and the things i like to do in life, and i also hope to influence people to be your true self, compassion and live life to the fullest in your own terms

About Me
Freedom To Express

YP's Music Corner

Music is not just for your ears to hear, it allows your body and soul to relax and heal. So in this section, i will be doing covers with my guitar and singing, feel free to check out!

Let's Listen
Did Your Stomach Just Perform A Metal Scream?

YP's Eat & Drink Corner

Exploring and blogging on delicious food and beverages within Singapore

Let's Crave

SG Explore & Scenery

This section will be dedicated to my own personal travel & exploration of tiny island Singapore, expect some old places you have forgotten or new places that you haven't heard yet and lastly, some beautiful scenery taken while on the go

Let's Sightsee!

Motivation & Positivity

Over here i will share meaningful motivation quotes and interesting personal life experiences with you in the hopes of bringing light to anyone who came across here

Stay Positive!

Featuring Astronomy From My Unique Lens

Deep Space Images

Planet Pluto and Moon Charon expressing their deep love for each other